About Surreal Soap

My love affair with handmade soap started when I bought my first bar at a local farmers market years ago.  I noticed a difference right away on my skin and decided to order a soap making kit online to try it myself.  I had such a great time making soap that I started looking for soap recipes and ordering soap making supplies. Then I started experimenting with different colors, herbs, plants, clay, scents, and designs.  Soon, I had more soap made than I could possibly use, so I started selling it to my family and friends.  My business has blossomed and I am slowly experimenting with other handmade body products.  I really enjoy the fact that I can make something that people like that is GOOD for them by using natural ingredients like clay that draw out impurities in your skin, plants as natural colorants, or dried herbs that can alleviate various skin issues.  I especially love the fact that my daughter's eczema is gone!  There is a big difference between hand-made soaps and the soaps purchased at the local grocery chain, which contain numerous harsh chemicals and additives.


I would love for you to try The Surreal Soap Company products.  All soaps are made in small batches to ensure quality.  Special orders of soaps are welcomed but take 6 weeks to process.  And, of course, if you like my soap, please tell your friends.  If you don't like my soap, please tell me.  

I hope you enjoy your Surreal Soap products!

Missy Hagan